IT's stupid how can charge a minor as an adult

2021.12.01 23:47 Trustnoboody IT's stupid how can charge a minor as an adult

..but when it comes to anything else, it doesn't matter if you're 17 and 364're a minor
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2021.12.01 23:47 Sad-Stage-9968 Can't add more then 1 CPU core even after enabling virtualization, help?

ok so i can't seem to add more then 1 core EVEN AFTER virtualization, I am VERY FRUSTRATED. What is happening? everything is slow as hell.
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2021.12.01 23:47 ViceR61 Any ideas on how to measure business strategies?

Context: I'm doing a quantitative research on how the effectiveness of business strategies on businesses during pandemic. I need a way to measure business strategies in a quantitative way.
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2021.12.01 23:47 danziehartlieb My little travel buddy

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2021.12.01 23:47 rcrvintage Avalanche 4K December Schedule Wallpapers for Desktop and Mobile

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2021.12.01 23:47 dubin-Johnson Provisional degree certificate

Hi everyone. All the best for your match process. I am an IMG currently enrolled in a college in India. I will be graduating this December. But my university says that they will send my degree via post after 6 months. Till then I'll have only provisional degree certificate from University. Can I get ecfmg certified from provisional degree?? Please reply and help. Thanka
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2021.12.01 23:47 Phoenix_Studios When [insert essay about inhumane working conditions on cruise liners here] meets food service:

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2021.12.01 23:47 dave782347 How long does it take for funds to become available for withdrawal to bank?

Sold some shares cause I need the cash. Funds are available for trading but aren't available yet for withdrawal to my bank account. Tried to log a ticket via the app but it crashed and showed an error.
Does anyone know how long this takes? It's already been a couple of days
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2021.12.01 23:47 Pineapple_Fox7711 Help me translate this sentence please…

English: What did you bring for lunch today?
I hope this is right, please tell me if that is wrong.
I am just wondering if this is correct because I don’t want to offend or annoy my deaf friend
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2021.12.01 23:47 the_louis_balfour Doge tips for English tips!

Well, the rules say "consider offering people a simple service in return for their doge". So, here goes:
In return for a donation of doge, I will proofread a paragraph of English, checking for errors including punctuation, grammar, syntax, proper capitalization, use of British English vs American English, malapropisms/archaic language, tautologies etc. This service isn't guaranteed against anything in particular - in other words, if you need to follow a particular style sheet, that is up to you - but I have taught English classes professionally! I will check this thread several times a day.
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2021.12.01 23:47 Zerodot0 My number one song this year.

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2021.12.01 23:47 donutyouknow11 Sweet Hanna (10). Her hobbies are sleeping and sitting around like a human.

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2021.12.01 23:47 Puzzleheaded-Oil6717 6’0/250lbs/12% bf - compete in classic or try to grow into open bodybuilding ?

I’m all for open bodybuilding, size and mass. At the same time I am 40, have been doing this for over 20 years and have no illusions regarding where I would place in the current amateur ranks with a 230ish contest weight, my height and structure.
my current condition at around 255-260
I have been on a fairly good roll over the past year, so giving competition maybe one last shot (I have competed a few times from 20 to 27) to see where I am at seems like a plausible idea. Let’s say I prep for the spring 2022 shows and maybe aim to gain 5-7lbs of muscle and come in close to 240lbs on contest… now this is gonna take a toll on me - need to eat much more and really focus on bringing my legs up.
Or I could focus on dropping down to 220ish and I think I could really be competitive in classic physique. If I decompress my spine and stand really erect I measure out just a tad over 6’0 (183cm) which is 220lbs … if I slouch or just get some ass that will slam the measure down hard I may be a tad under and 212lbs is much tougher to make, especially the day of the weigh-ins. But let’s say I make 220, and with some time before stepping on stage should be able to carb up into the 230’s …looking at the local guys that win shows in classic, I think I can give them a good run for the top 3. Where as in open BB, even if I turn everything to the max I will likely be out of the main call outs
View Poll
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2021.12.01 23:47 Aware_Balance_1332 Temperature not distributing evenly across rooms?

Can anyone help explain this to me? I got doors open and vents to these other rooms but all the hot air is flowing to the right room?
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2021.12.01 23:47 Sufficient-Drop-1319 (Hair Length , Head and Face), which would best suit me short hair or longer hair. What facial hair type would look better too, should I just shave? Tips and Suggestions would help

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2021.12.01 23:47 Monkey77777778 Is the new update where they will hide information from the driver if they have under 50% acceptance rate?

Also what information is hidden. I never got the email. Thank you!
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2021.12.01 23:47 theuniverseIam What is a word that refers to the question of referring to a word that refers to this question?

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2021.12.01 23:47 wpgan [EVENT] The Ecevit Cabinet

Immediately in the wake of the inconclusive 1962 elections, Ecevit made clear that he would first be negotiating with the Workers' Party of Turkey in an effort to form a left-leaning government rather than negotiating with the Democrat Party to form a centrist government of national unity. In his statement, he made sure to emphasize that he'd "work with anyone to help soothe Turkey's woes," but made it clear that a "new approach was needed."
After two weeks of negotiation with TIP leadership, the following cabinet was announced:

Title Name Party
Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit CHP
Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Ali Aybar TIP
Minister of State Turhan Feyzioglu CHP
Minister of State Yaşar Kemal TIP
Minister of Justice Kemal Sahir Kurutluoglu Independent
Minister of National Defense Ilhami Sancar CHP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ismet Inonu CHP
Minister of the Interior Selim Sarper CHP
Minister of Finance and the Economy Cetin Altan TIP
Minister of National Education Erdal Inonu CHP
Minister of Public Works Murat Karayalçın CHP
Minister of Commerce Aziz Nesin TIP
Minister of Health and Social Security Fethi Celikbas CHP
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Avni Dogan CHP
Ministry of Agriculture Hifzi Oguz Bekata CHP
Ministry of Transport Deniz Baykal CHP
Ministry of Labour and Social Security Korkut Özal CHP
Ministry of Industry Behice Boran TIP
Ministry of Culture and Tourism Orhan Birgit CHP
Ministry of Construction and Settlement Ali Topuz CHP
The cabinet is clearly a balancing act in many ways - not only between the CHP and the TIP, but also of the left-wing and moderate factions within the CHP. A number of concessions were made to get the TIP on board - namely the Ministry of Finance and the Economy, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Industry - and Ecevit made a noted effort to put politicians from all branches of the CHP in the cabinet. Most notably are the appointments of Turhan Feyzioglu and İlhami Sancar, both sharp critics of the CHP's drift to the left, as a Minister of State and Minister of National Defense respectively.
The military has shown some discomfort with the leftward bend of Ecevit's government, attempting to quietly block the appointment of a TIP Minister of Finance and the Economy, but was unsuccessful. The military has remained quiet publicly.
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2021.12.01 23:47 trainertucan PVCs during cardio (soccer)

Today I was playing a bit of soccer and all was very well for the first 15 min or so. Eventually my heart just started throwing pvcs. I'd get a pvc, relax and I'd get back at it and I'd get another pvc. After the 3rd one I finally called it quits. Normally I don't have this many or at all durinh exercise but for some reason soccer triggers them more. I don't know if its because of a the sudden movements and positional changes which are so quick and that stimulates the vagus nerve. I also have pots so I am.very sensitive to adrenaline and my vagus nerve is pretty much overstimjlated 24/7. Has anyone dealt with similar issue and found some succes?
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2021.12.01 23:47 dancingdodo27 No feed?

Anyone else lost their feed? Specifically on fite
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2021.12.01 23:47 mac-0 How is living in the area just north of City Hall?

My partner and I are looking at a place right around there. Being so close to the Tenderloin, is it a bad place to live?
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2021.12.01 23:47 totallynotalt345 7 Comma Club

Finally! We've been here for a while now, but with PAYG, BAS, unpaid invoices etc it's all a bit of a guesstimate. As of last weekend though it's definitely over.
- No inheritances, parental house deposits
- Run a business. Don't recommend, just get a 6 figure job at Google, flogging houses, whatever
- No crypto, Tesla or anything; only boring ETFs
- Early 30s
PPOR: 350k conservative estimate
Super: 240k (60/40 Int/AU Shares)
ETFS: 360k
Cars, cash etc: 50k
Started getting into FIRE around 2017, so detailed records start then.
2009/10: ~40k (WAM which was big at the time, had 50k minimum for wholesale rates so I remember that. This is post/towards end of GFC when market is down so seems good buying)
2013: 150k-ish
EOFY17: $340k
EOFY 18: $455k
EOFY19: $595k
EOFY20: $750k
EOFY21: Go to hell Omicron
No real lessons. Trying to make the best of life before it's over like most folk.
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2021.12.01 23:47 SpecialLeather4346 Scandella

Anyone else think a mayfield for scandella deal would be great?
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2021.12.01 23:47 no_vxnity Flex up 💪 💯

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2021.12.01 23:47 obdc13 3060 v1 for $630 Deal or no Deal? What do you guys think?

As per title
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