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5 reasons why the UFC should cut down their number of events in 2022

2021.12.02 00:53 jobsinanywhere 5 reasons why the UFC should cut down their number of events in 2022

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2021.12.02 00:53 MediocreOchre Footage of a Level 60 player trying to solo

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2021.12.02 00:53 JackTriplets Diapers? What kind of diapers does HJ wear?

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2021.12.02 00:53 apricottia Should I get this checked?

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2021.12.02 00:53 amazingstacy23 What’s something crazy that really happened to you, but no one ever believes you when you tell the story?

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2021.12.02 00:53 Lord_Spy [FRESH] Khaoticos Ft Angelo Elle - Con Tus Besos

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2021.12.02 00:53 hisnameisbrock What’s the most mature/adult content of the anime/movies?

I’m referring to psychological maturity, not NSFW things, if that wasn’t clear.
I haven’t visited Pokémon much since my childhood but have a desire to. In my memory, the most adult plots in the episodes were Bye Bye Butterfree, The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak, Electric Shock Showdown, Abra and the Psychic Showdown.
I also feel like the 3rd movie was particularly mature/depressing/surreal.
What do y’all think?
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2021.12.02 00:53 curiousfoxlover82 I only had one nightmare about Armageddon when I was PIMI

(Just a small warning, my nightmare may seem a bit disturbing to some of you, please refrain from reading if your sensitive or there's a chance this may trigger you)
I remember when I was 13 and my family explained Armageddon in more detail (yes, I was that young when they told me about a future event in which billions of men, women and children will be slaughtered "for the greater good") and I was very afraid of it, but then my older PIMI sister told me that as long as I loved Jehovah and continued to do whats right, I wouldn't be apart of the billions that would die.
The night after that day, I had a nightmare in which I was walking through my hometown, the sky was red with yellow blasts of energy hitting the surface, I was wearing a slightly burnt and damaged clothing for some reason, walking behind other witnesses (including my older pimi sister and parents) here's the unsettling part that I will never, EVER forget without therapy, they were smiling and singing songs from the meetings, specifically ones that refer to this event along with praises to Jehovah, with their hands in the sky while they walked over dead or dying bodies. I was having an extreme panic attack, a man even reached for me for help, but before I could reach for him (I know as a JW, I wasn't supposed to care, maybe I was PIMO long before the pandemic) my sister stepped on his head.
I immediately woke up, literally crying because it was the worst nightmare I could ever have. The worst part is that because I was mentally in, I never really told my family about my nightmare, I simply put it aside and pretend I never dreamt that. Now as a pimo, I still remember it. Truly terrifying teaching...
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2021.12.02 00:53 Dry-Loss5296 Do it

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2021.12.02 00:53 simple-guy- 4:20pm is a shit time to get wasted...

Hey, I like a good smoke and I probably enjoy smoking at the same time most nights, usually around 8pm. Light it up, sit in the couch, laugh my arse off at some stupid show. But, have you ever tried doing this at 4:20pm? It’s shit.
First, I work until 5pm, so no friggen way am I going to smoke at 4:20pm.
Secondly, and this is probably the most important point, getting high during the day, is not as fun as getting high after dark. I’ve tried smoking 420 in the weekend. Daylight is bright as fuck, people are around, lawnmowers are going, paranoia sets in and before I knew it, my buzz is harsh af.
Don’t smoke at 4:20pm, wait till the evening. You won’t regret it.
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2021.12.02 00:53 SpawnDnD My HomeBrew Rule List (its still evolving, so comment away, happy to add more)

As stated this is a rough draft and subject to change.
(NOTE: I grabbed a few from people posting them here...I loved them, they are not part of my list)
Adventurer Base Requirement
Please must create characters that WANT or are at LEAST not against working in groups with other players. They also must have at least a Mild Interest in “seeing the world” or “Adventuring”.

Beginning of Each Session
Upon the beginning of each session, each player performs a recap of the last session in their own eyes and importance. Something akin to … "When last we left our heroes..." They can technically talk about anything they want concerning their character, or other characters of the party. This is usually done via some sort of notes or journal that they would need to write down. Very important since we may have 1-2-3 weeks in between sessions.

Limitation to Demi-Humans
There will be no limitation (for levels they can attain) to a demi-human for a character class. I have NEVER understood the stupidity of this rule. Essentially there is NO upper limit of the number of levels you can reach for a non-human in ANY class. PERIOD.
Feats and Ability Score Improvement
Normally in DnD 5e, a player gets upon reaching a certain level, a Feature is given called the Ability Score Improvement, which allows the player to add 1 point to any of the characters six ability scores (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Chr). There are rules in the Players Handbook that state you can either take the ability score OR you can take a feat, not both. I am altering this. Each time you get the Ability Score Improvement feature from gaining a level in a class, you get BOTH, 1 ability point AND a new Feat to add to your character. This is being changed to allow characters to grow in more interesting ways (a feature I loved in DnD 3.x). To take a feat you must meet the prerequisites.

Magic – Rituals
Certain spells have a special tag: ritual. Such a spell can be cast following the normal rules for spellcasting, or the spell can be cast as a ritual. The ritual version of a spell takes around 10 minutes to cast. (Allows you to cast these spells without having to have them in your active spell slots)
The concept here is, the spell has been used numerous enough in a non-combat-oriented fashion, a slower cast does not have the detrimental effects like casting a normal spell (using a spell slot). Yes I know this is not a HomeBrew...I covered it here since I was going to use SPell Points, but the Ritual system covered it all.
Magic – Material Spell Components
Managing all the different material components are unrealistic. So, material components are abstracted in MOST cases. A mage is required to spend 10 gold pieces a month for components.
Spell components that are NOT abstracted are those that are generally specific to the spell context. Usually more expensive components or ones that are personal in nature. Ask when in doubt.

Ammo is not unlimited on your person. You need to how many arrows/bolts/daggers/axes you use. Daggers and axes can be picked up and reused. As a RULE, I (the DM) will assume you pick up your throw axes and daggers after a fight. I know it would be verbally confirmed, but let’s be honest, if you were really in the fight, you would pick them up, we forget them because we are a bit abstracted from the danger and fighting.
Arrows and bolts MAY break upon usage, or you might not be able to find them to reuse them. After each fight, the player must MANUALLY roll a percentile. There is a 50% you can find and reuse the arrow or bolt, otherwise, they are lost.

Resting is always confusing and irritating. Here are rules on defining what Resting is like.
This is new, so if something pops up that has been missed, lets address it asap.
Definitions of Activities
· No Activity - Sleeping, meditating, or contemplating while idle.
· Light Activity - Non-strenuous activity that requires little effort, such as talking, reading, eating, bandaging wounds, and standing watch.
· Strenuous Activity - Any activity that requires physical exertion, such as traveling, foraging, exercising, training, or casting spells.
· Dangerous Activity - Any activity that causes extreme injury or stress, such as engaging in combat with a hostile creature.
Short Rest
· Duration – 10 minutes of No Activity or Light Activity
· Benefits
o Spend Hit Dice to regain hit points equal to Proficiency Bonus for character
o Gain back any “Short Rest” cooldowns
· Limits – Maximum 2 Short Rests per 24-hour period
Long Rest
· Duration – (8 hours total) 4 hours of No Activity and 4 hours of Light Activity
· Benefits
o Spend Hit Dice to regain hit points
§ First 4 hours – Regain 50% your Hit Dice pool
§ Second 4 hours – Regain all spell slots and all other long rest cooldowns
o Gain back any “Short Rest” cooldowns
· Limits – Maximum 1 Long Rest per 24-hour period
Full Rest
· Duration – 24 hours to 1 week (GM decision)
· Benefits
o Regain all Hit Dice, recover all spell slots, gain Full Rest Book
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2021.12.02 00:53 _snowizz__ Wei Ying fanart by be~ (my IG : _snowizz_)

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2021.12.02 00:53 Xosen_ Coin gift please?

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2021.12.02 00:53 templeofthecat4 Spotify users, what was your #1 listened to song of this year?

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2021.12.02 00:53 abadile Tenra Bansho is Peak anime meets sci Fi roleplaying game

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2021.12.02 00:53 Jasminella_217 How to look like a Gucci Model???

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2021.12.02 00:53 guyssocialweb commercials and Queen

First off... I have been a Queen fan for about 40 years. But what I am becoming tired of is the commercialization of the band's music catalog. Some of the things I have seen on tv or heard on the radio devalue the music. Saddens me a little. I remember why McCartney had a hard time forgiving Micheal Jackson when he bought the Beatles catalog and put it to commercials. But with Queen, it seems like it is all over the place. Curse you Hollywood Records.
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2021.12.02 00:53 thegrowingstack Melting 25 Troy Oz of Silver Grain - Making Silver Skulls - The Growing Stack

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2021.12.02 00:53 RedDragon46 Driven | OFFICIAL TRAILER 4K

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2021.12.02 00:53 Anxious-Strength1180 someone claims a lack of horny posts so here i am to bring one. this is a horny post

i am officially horny. idk what you will do with this info. dm maybe. that could be cool idk
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2021.12.02 00:53 moo_runs [sell] [usa] NWT LA Open Back Mock Neck LS $59 shipped Venmo or PP (add 3% for PP)

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2021.12.02 00:53 Naige2020 The time I went postal.

Thirty years ago I had a job at the post office working night shift processing mail. I would sort the mail prior to it being delivered by the postman. After a number of years I was promoted to team leader and was the senior employee in charge of the facility at night. The delivery centre where I worked was in a seperate location to the actual post office.
One night I answered the phone at about 3am and it was a doctor who lived locally. He was urgently waiting on a passport that had been sent out by registered post and he was asking if I could look to see if it had arrived as he was desperate to catch a plane later in the morning and it was essential.
The registered mail was kept seperate so it wasn't a big deal and was happy to assist. He gave me his details and I went to check. Luckily for them it had arrived and I returned to the phone. He asked if he could come get it and I told him yes but that he would need to provide photo identification. I asked him if knew the address and he replied "I've lived here fifty years, I know where the Post Office is!" before promptly hanging up. I didn't get the chance to tell him that the Post Office and delivery centre were seperate. I figured he would just ring back when he realised his mistake.
Four hours later the day shift had arrived and were all at work when a man entered the building and asked to speak to the manager. My boss spoke to the man who was yelling about his passport and how some incompetent moron had sent him on a wild goose chase. He said if he missed his plane he was going to officially complain and that we should be worried as he was a very important person.
My boss came to me and asked what was going on, I gave him a quick run down of what happened. I handed over the passport and my manager dealt with the irate doctor. I was good friends with the manager so nothing else was said but unfortunately I had no closure. I don't like blow hards and don't tolerate being called an incompetent moron especially when I am not at fault.
Cue petty revenge.
I set about a one man campaign to teach this person a lesson about insulting someone whose job it is to handle your mail before you get it. Each morning I would check the slot that contained his mail to see what was due to be delivered to him.
In my country we have a public health system whereby you can go see a doctor without paying and the government reimburses the doctor. These days it is all done electronically, but thirty years ago the doctors were sent cheques. In envelopes emblazoned in the health care providers name and easy to distinguish.
I would take his cheques and drop them in the mailbags being redirected to other offices, some in different states. They would be kicked around the system and eventually be redelivered to us. He would eventually get his money in the end but it would have messed with his cash flow. I did the same with birthday cards, personal letters, postcards and occasionaly bills (particularly final notices).
As stated he always eventually received everything, just often days or weeks later than expected.
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2021.12.02 00:53 Lord_of_the_Bananas CRAP. I got a steel bar awhile ago and I can’t remember if it’s 1080 or 1095. What should I do?

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