Yooo we are not Dee and Amanda! Listen Ogre Anne an Herpes stop spewing lies you miserable ass hoes. Btw Herpes how’s then sock accounts doing 🤣😭

2021.10.17 01:20 WhiteNoise1692 Yooo we are not Dee and Amanda! Listen Ogre Anne an Herpes stop spewing lies you miserable ass hoes. Btw Herpes how’s then sock accounts doing 🤣😭

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2021.10.17 01:20 Terrible_Law_4365 I have a question about fate/stay night lore.

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2021.10.17 01:20 HarakiriSamurai A question mark

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2021.10.17 01:20 ThriftyOp Officially a Tacoma owner! Thanks to all the feedback about a used Taco a few days ago. After all the opinions on a used one. I settled on this bad boy.

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2021.10.17 01:20 MooMooCow713 Relaxing loop

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2021.10.17 01:20 Hungry_owl121 FM reapp

Im a reapp from Psych to FM. I'm from CA, went to a DO program on east coast, but scores very low. I feel so paranoid since last year I had 7 interviews in psych and didnt match at all. Right now I have 10 FM interviews and 6/10 in CA. Do I have a chance at matching in CA, much less at all? or am I just being naive like last year? Step 1 212, no step 2. Both level's 410-490, level 3 results will be back in January '22. Also Spanish speaking idk if that helps.
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2021.10.17 01:20 Interesting-Golf1113 MoonCoon on Twitter

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2021.10.17 01:20 CaptainYackSparrow Micro 9 Extended Mag Baseplate?

Does anyone sell the standard base plates for the 7rd micro 9 magazines? I have two with the Hogue extensions and I’m changing out grips so those aren’t going to work too well anymore. Can’t find them anywhere on Kimber’s website
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2021.10.17 01:20 Dolomer [T3] [NA] LF Clash team Will play Mid/Jg/Top

IGN Sett Øn My Face
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2021.10.17 01:20 IFullerBucheet Randy Newman - Ghosts

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2021.10.17 01:20 El_Psy_Congroo4477 Bards gonna bard

So the party is in a steampunk dwarven city inspired by the Vogons from Hitchhiker's, where society is ludicrously bureaucratic and it takes mountains of paperwork to get anything done. We need to rent a transplanar spaceship from them which is capable of transporting us to Cania to assist in our quest to prevent Mephistopheles and his demonic hordes from invading the Material Plane. We wait in line at the Department of Interplanar Transportation for 3 days just to find out we have to fill out a dozen different forms, have them all notarized, have a trusted member of their society vouch for our trustworthiness, pay the exorbitant fees associated with each, there's a mandatory 6 week waiting period, etc.
So our devious human bard/warlock, in typical "horni bard" fashion, devises a plan to get things rolling a little more quickly. He begins flirting with the clerk, a grumpy old dwarven woman. Asks her if there's any way she could expedite our application in exchange for a "personal favor". She slips him a piece of paper with her address on it and tells him to meet her there at sundown.
The rest of us head on to the inn for drinks and dinner while the bardlock happily skips away to go seduce an elderly dwarf. The players get to listen in on the antics and the following things are said:
Bardlock: "What does she look like?"
DM: "She's old and wrinkled, her hair is a smoky shade of dark gray, and her face is covered in warts and liver spots, as is the rest of her stout, rotund body"
Bardlock: "You're the most gorgeous woman I've ever laid eyes on, baby!"
Dwarf granny: "Oh, you're so sweet to say that. Come here and give me a kiss, young man!"
Bardlock, to DM: "Does she have a beard?"
DM, not missing a beat: "Yes, but it's a feminine beard, like Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean."
All players burst into laughter for about 10 seconds straight
Bardlock: I press my lips against hers as I stroke her beard gently.
Players roflmao again
So anyway, you get the picture. We got our ship the next morning, continued on our quest, and an old lady had the night of her life. Everyone was happy.
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2021.10.17 01:20 McCooga How long did your nose hurt after rhinoplasty?

I am three weeks post op and my nose still hurts with a very light touch… the skin and the inside if that makes sense. I also feel a lot of pressure on the bridge that doesn’t hurt but it’s just a weird feeling. I wore a cast for one week and tape for two, I’ll be taking the tape off tomorrow. I’d appreciate hearing your experiences!
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2021.10.17 01:20 CaptainNismo69 First time to Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge today.

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2021.10.17 01:20 katyamuse F27 What do you think?

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2021.10.17 01:20 LegendsofLost Meet My Other Friends…

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2021.10.17 01:20 PrestigiousDraw7080 RE: Is Slavery Really That Bad? (unabridged edition, deluxe)

Whell Actually, that's a multifaceted inquiry, and by my analysis of Not your almost binary question But rather it's ambiguity: ie. begging the question (perhaps bad faith, Poe's law predicts and refutes this. You could improve your online non verbally answer's accuracy, precision factually, and most of all/above all else, it's inherent ability to solicit genuine answers; doin' so by being plane, precise prose But more importantly, devoid of any intellectual dishonesty of Your own or of your tone. (Bypass Poe's law by placing " /s " at the end. However, I pray of you to no misuse it like the users on this forum by placing " /s " at the end of a sarcastic joke. NO matter how edgy. If you fear it is too edgy either grow a pair of bollocks realize it isn't that funny in the first place: shock humor, "pee pee poo negus penis Augustus' needless phallus from the chalice inducing whiskey dick. "Gotta inflate to felatte" pp 8===D ºª•¶§∞¢££££™ -Alexander the Great said. "unless we equate those those starving child prostitutes from My Earth's equator's arse crack: Nubian Queens are what even the greediest travelers shell out shekels. Don't know is XII shekels are much, how they translate to Alexander Bucks. Perhaps eighty eight. But only is she is 14, 'over ripened.'
I fear my friend and few fellows who read, I've grown pedantic. I will answer kurt, frank, and for the layman.
ANSWER: YES (of course operating on Moral Universalism's Metric. I myself am an Absolutist.
but we live in the postmodern era of moral relativity,/
MODERN ANSWER NO. (well depends, outsourcing the role to china children is cool ) But No. But it's complicated: I dont wanna start shit. I'm all for BLM the hashtag, I could not be a Christian while not agreeing with the core sentiment and tenant {also why I am a feminist, 1st wave flapper I guess idk} but I find the BLM Group Company dubious at best, three "trained marxists" who have tenants on their list of demands website that have nothing to do with the cause, catching heat from democrats even too who complained about tenant no.9 or something: "Destroy the Nuclear Family." I had a guy drinking soylent and a Russian Hat, one with the Hammer and Sickle Pinned on the forhead fur cover on his Qoura account tell me why I misunderstand the meaning and its symbolic and "family" is a collective of US global citizens. I'm not one to Ben Shapiro people online but he called me a Nazi and my grandpa's both fought. One marine, one an Officer in the Army, my great (greatest+oldest) Uncle in Law, (adopted) was infantry. He picked Nazi trophy's off the dead bodies post battle, at the Battle of the Bulge he picked a Walther PPK off an SS officer who was good and dead. Dead and good. So I summoned the inner WAP Shapiro in me to slay the libs by just linking him the article I thought of in answering this question on all sides. TRIGGER ⚠ WARNING -------------------------3----2---- TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ 🛑 (freddie from iCarly count downsound)
/to top it off, a battle over the Moral Pipeline the Founding Father's planted deep. One that spans from the tip of Vermont where I took my first Vicodin in my Cousin's beach house. Also where i first fell in love. I do not lie. I only saw the girl with the black and purple horizontally stripped zipper vertical and tight, closed top to bottom. She was the neighbor, never met them but her parents where both Mommy's. Found that fascinating. I was born all the way down in Alabama, was but a middle schooler in primary school of which I gave the opening speech at my Confirmation to come despite being deathly afraid of Public Speaking. My principal, who chose me I don't know, saw my leg quacking behind the podium as I read from Luke: breaking the silence of the silence of my Cathedral to an audience of over 1000 brothers and sisters, and all those in between as I learned later. Learned that in LA Art school. Both my moms (not lesbos, bio mom and step-mom ((who was also my aunt before she became doubly so. I called her step-aunt as mother asked. I obliged in her company but I called my 2nd mom Mommy because that's how I got my first rifle as a boy. Was bought in a flee shop on a whim, my mom gave me a 20 to keep me occupied while she shopped for used furs and ivory jewelry, (she wore it so pretty, still is a milf to this day which I can say cause she aint my real mom. I walked with my 20 into this book corner where the guy freaked out and said "hey little man these cartoons aren't for kid."
So I walked a quarter click to the booth abreast and saw a myriad of guns spanning the wall. I loved guns, only had toys. My dad's revolver "he called it his "Dirty Harry" which it took me till recently is a reference to the make and model of what used in the movie "Dirty Harry." Didn't like Westerns, they were always on. Thus didn't like revolvers, they were ugly to me and I only saw them on my father and the police. All the cool kids had semi-autos. So when I saw beneath all the wooden guns and black guns and plastic ghost guns, I saw a a line of headguns that is as beautiful memory to day as it was then and still is a rival to the model line they's assemble on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shoe that I watched from the year it came out to when it ended. Which was around 2020, worst year of my life if you count it by things dying. At the petting zoo where dare was no flu, it was quarantined, I watched Calvin die in my arms. Was cancer, first time in my life luckily it took someone I really "let in." I could with animals. That's why I got hired. I was volunteering the first few years of my time tere and I was better with the exotics. They nicknamed me "Hobbes." While not actually a tiger, we didn't have those, I was good with the big cats. Better than the top earner employing that got paid a lot to go in their after he shot the big ones with his tranquilizer gun, then went in his his Shepard pole, it's a long 7ft pole with an end that raps around the animals neck. He needed it to go in. And he would so biweekly for all of them.
He was an ok guy. Felt like he was rough with them 2 much but he did only have 8 fingers and I can tell you he had 4 on each hand.
I slapped my 20 dolla bill like I do now in Washington DC when I roll up in my good friend's gas station storer (had every candybar known to man, man) well he didnt own it but all 5 years Ive been here he's "done runnin' it." I slammed my twenty at the gun venue desk with the gentle tenacity I do now for my Sunday English 800 and Newports. Oh and a king size Hershey's Cookies and Cream Barn, Vermont spoiled me with chocolate but I dont eat the regular shit anymore because it reminds me how my younger cousin cockblocked me from the first Love of mine, never left us alone to play ping pong, when we were sitting on a log staring out the beach, was abeautiful beach house, full glass second floor wall looking out to the beach it was as close a possible to, and she (or they, shit, Idk they came out that they were Queer on FB and I dont know if that means she's( fuck, they) is a lesbian. But she walked like a duck and quaked like a duck by running to sit in between us which meant each one of her chubby butt cheeks were at least half on our lap.
Anyway, to make a long story shot, I named the handgun I got that day (for 20 dollars no less) Jamie, after the girl I have not seen in decade plus time to which I wonder if she even lives their. My moms dont like her mom and while they are both a lot in different ways, she's a bit of a beach if you will. She ruined preteen me seing that girl the next year like they said they would have us over. I waited a year and drew a picture of the girl that I hid along with my drawing of "Fuchsia," my first cartoon (as in comics not shows like the PPG, my fav was buttercup because I thought she was a boy. I was pissed when I found out the late and defaulted to blossom but blossom is a bitch and bubbles is funny but the amount of time they spend using her for comic relief just typecasts a fictional character into the trope of the Invalid. Mom called her the dumb one, other mother called her the retarded. But now knowing she was a girl, I saw her differently and in a good way.
But all ill compared to my waifu material top notch, hop scotch black label honydoo
'Monique Mah N'Wahs
Devil girl is Fuchsia, aka the drawing I made at 12 that I threw behind my xboxs big library table along with what i had drawn of that chick Jaimy. Jamey. I still dont know how to spell it, Jamie, that looks right. Told my psych about this, how she affirmed in puberty my predilection for Tomboys (not femboys, do not comment about Femboy Hooters, have a hotline to a reddit mod that will get you account banned in second flat so yeah try that) planted by the seed of Buttercup when I around 3 and that was all my TV.
My psychologist (who is my token black friend, its a yikes but my one other friend who named me "Hobbes," Tyrone AKA "8ight Ball," it was "9ine finger Nick" until he got hooked on speed balling, starting doping himself with Liger Tranquilizers which was like Ketamine which was no where in that area so he ordered "EXTRA" online under the Bosses name, Old Tech Illiterate Southern Guy who was mildly racist,
(not racist enough to not hire a black man and make him his lead manager, pay bumped em like 4 times which was a lot of money but nothing compared to the amount Tyrone Nicholas was making slinging Ketamine in a place that doesn't have it anywhere.)
but racist enough to make jokes to customers like, "we got everydamn animal here, even a coon." The customers LOVED that light, o much so that my boss asked me to paint it as a slogan under our Name in neon, he knew I could paint well, and I said nah, that is a bad idea. I got him to settle on "Every Cat under the Moon," with a sub sign that said "come see the black panther."
Any way to make a longer story short I still have that little silver 2 shot gun that was actually 50 bucks but the guy saw my eyes and said, "hey, I can give you one of these." Pulled a drawer of old guns, like vienam era mac 11s and Uzis, the old school Isreali kind Not the crap our tax dollars pay for the service weapon for the Isreali PDW. A PDW is an MP7 here in America and Europe. Germany makes the best stuff, glad we stole their scientists to make our Magnum Opus to save the world and Reck Hirohito. He got off free though. No war crimes, serious. This little 2 shot pistol is a derringer, I crudely carved Jaimey (mispelt her name) on the side with my dad's hitler youth knife he got when his father passed. He carried such an antique and used it to pry cans open and shit. Went pack last time I was in Miami, same guy decades later. I asked him if he still had Mac 11s, Vietnam era pre 1864 manufactory. Looked at me wilded eyed and said "what" turning around to look at his wall of ARs. "In that Drawer their?" Said I. "ha, how did you know," turns out he still had but a few of these elusive sought models. 2 Mac 11s, 2 micro Uzis, 5 minis, 8 full sized. I told him how I knew and showed him my first gun and we had a laugh. We set the machine guns on the table and checked the dates and model and make. Only 1 was pre 1864. And it was the Mac 11. Yes. I only had like 150 in cash and told him such while slamming the money in an obnoxious amount of 1s mixed in with the 20 gently on the table with a refined child like grace. How much for the pre 64 Mac I asked. These were super dusty and didn't have a price tag so I had no idea what he's say. I asked if he took credit card. Shook his head no. Fuck. "What about debit." he said. I unwrapped my wallet like a kid worried on his last Christmas. The Christmas Story. The asked for a BB gun but got cucked by mom, youll shoot your eye out shit. I only dealt with this with the few chicks I could get. AHA. Pulling out all my cards, no regard where my medical, license, adam and eve card (with 9 out of 10 kissy lip stamps, my disability card etc.
(( (I have synesthesia, if your tax dollars go to obese people who need scooters and can actually fix themselves more than half the time (no shots made at the glandular problem affected, most of my gfs had this) then I will take the government tax dollers my Jewish Dr. hooked me up with (i didnt even ask)gladly considering not a damn soul knows what a Synesthete goes through let alone what that even is. "Is it sports." Got that before while having to explain I cannot drive with the radio on, she was power playin me and I was dealin with it since she didnt have a glandular problem, rather IBS which sucks bad, like really bad (but has the added benefit side effect of it being IMPOSSIBLE 2 NOT B PETITE) I put up with it. She shoved her Lana Del Rey Vinyl in my Vinyl port above my CD port. Teasingly, like sexually, she put it half in and out, each time closer and said "oh, is my baby to high too drive with any distractions." I was not high, I was buzzed. Oh, yeah this will prelude: Other side effect was Opioid therapy the only option that doesn’t suck. She was on oxy from the doc put was on Fent pressed zany barz. Like a lil peep amount. There was a reason Kurt Cobain was on Heroin. IBS sucks. I only took like two zany barz and was soberly driving fine. She puts the CD inand right before the machine sucks it in I slap and it snaps. Yelling. If the music played I would have scene blues and greens on the round and would lose all depth perception. She broke up with me after that drive.)))
The adam eve card flyin byes catches his eyes and grabs it, looks: "Aye. Shit" he said. "only one more 50 dollar purchase to get an actual sybian, like the real one? "Yeah" Ask if it was the one like on howard stern yeah. Then asked if I also had a debit card and alas I did not. But I had an old ass american express card my grandma gave me 2 Hanukahs ago, classy way to end the gifts on the last way, We ran it to check the amount and it and:
78 in read on the card (must of bought a pack of Newports in NYC before Biden Ruined It, Authoritarian, he menthol vape juice there too. Menthol is the big city favorite, classic, all the english 800 guys I know in washington only smoke em.

  1. 78 dollar credit direct,
  2. 150 cash (cold hard, few golden shekels in there with Native American Man on it)
  3. my card that is essentially a magic 50 dollar to get a real sybian, 1000 plus sex toy,
  4. and my golden smile as I showed him my sappy engraved chilhood pistol
"These auction for a grand minimum, well, at least the one you want."
Art of the Deal: "Keep quiet yet keep eye contact,"
"well, I mean---"
I cut him off, "your wife will really like this thing, happy wife happy life?
"Well her antidepressants make it harder to come for her, sometimes I'm getting underneath the lass like I would a car to get its innards working, oil it up, lube refill, ya know, by the time she's ready for me my Viagra is almost wearing off, I'm old so I can't take it more than once in a row. Dr. says using it a few days a week is pushing it, my condition heart wise, Pleads I keep it 1 a week max."
I say, well then, this deal was fated decades ago when my crackhead step mom brought me hear to buy her elephant tusk pendants and minx fur. Do you believe in destiny?
"Deal son."
FUCK yeah baby, this is like the best deal I got in my life, only way I could ever legally own a full auto.
"But Imm have to see some paperwork."
WuT: U_U my face
He breaks out laughing, and I do as well, handshake goes down for hugs are gay in the south.
I've got it in my very own hands, walking out with it her says, "don't storm the Capital with it or something like that boy"
Said it loud enough to make strangers crack up. Curious to see I take it out of the bag I'm leaving it in, then realize open carry applies. Ha. Been in washington too long.
Walk with my Mac 11 out into the blue dying light into the silhouette black of my drive home: my Hummer. I get looks in Washington driving it but not near the homeland.
I drive off north, just north, I guided only by the sky's compass light: the Northern Star. Popped a perc, as perc me up if you will and enjoyed the silence.
When home I laser engrave Calvin on the side of this antique piece of machinery. Some call it blaspheme, some say pink is for girls
I dont give a damn. Kick off my shoes and lie in my old bed as a kid.
I'm still there. Sitting their now.
I'm holding my 22 short empty child inscribed Smith and Wesson right now as I type this on my Macbook Pro rare 17 inch they don't sell no more, the one before they added the mouch bar that fucked it all up. Ive types on those and fucking auto generated words and exited pages autpmatically, turned the sound on while typing my race and gender theory thesis for this post graduate class that will make my useless bachelor art degree meaninful. I swear.
ur recompense 4 makin it 2 the end, 4 bein a real pasta nibba

  1. edit: clickable links, of da spoon and sound

  1. https://www.reddit.com/adventuretime/comments/nbisoh/the_first_design_of_marceline_looks_like_a/
  2. Gif prelude, 🥄 b4 👂
  3. https://www.redgifs.com/watch/affectionatedangerousallosaurus
  4. (GIF)T I
  5. https://www.reddit.com/sounding/comments/q9gka1/my_10mm_rosebud_sounding/
the world is a vampire and racialism is not so good
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2021.10.17 01:20 Objective-Category New images of Shoutaro and Philip from Futo Tantei

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2021.10.17 01:20 neonlightflash most unfunny and stupid argument and joke to exist

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  1. Final payment after you are satisfied with the work done
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2021.10.17 01:20 JoshIsJoshing [Postgame Thread] Central Michigan Defeats Toledo 26-23 (OT)

Box Score provided by ESPN

Team 1 2 3 4 OT T
Toledo 0 3 7 13 0 23
Central Michigan 7 10 3 3 3 26
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2021.10.17 01:20 abderfdrosarios Someone at the BBC knows what it takes to get my attention. Made me do a triple take.

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2021.10.17 01:20 CFB_Referee [Postgame Thread] McNeese Defeats Northwestern State 35-17

Box Score provided by ESPN

Team 1 2 3 4 T
McNeese 0 21 7 7 35
Northwestern State 3 0 7 7 17
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2021.10.17 01:20 thelastboulder I keep getting a 'Verify Heater' error.

So my printer sat idle for a few weeks, today I went to print something and I kept getting a 'Verify heater' every time my hot end reached 195o.
I tried to redo the PID tune and that did not fix it. So I figured it was probably a bad thermistor so I ripped apart the hot end and changed it out. The same thing as soon as it hits 195 I get the 'not heating as expected, Verify heater' error.
I checked the connections on both ends and everything looks fine.
What do I do next? run new wires?
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2021.10.17 01:20 3_0jazz Greetings

I am the new GM of the Utah Jazz. If you are a draft prospect and are interested in playing here, lmk.
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2021.10.17 01:20 markmith321 Add my friend

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