2021.10.17 01:50 Less_Entertainment54 Savings

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2021.10.17 01:50 Nicky-Bear Price check on a special edition axiom delirium, 7/10 thrower.

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2021.10.17 01:50 Psyducks_Army_1776 I had two firearms stolen from me

Technically three, but I found my revolver lying in the road, the holster for that one is gone. Amazingly enough, it hasn’t been ran over or even noticed.
But there’s still two of them gone from me.
So here’s what’s happening RN:
The firearm I recovered has been turned over to the state police for fingerprints, to see if anything matches who possibly did the theft, but this is still a big shot in the dark. On top of that, likely won’t result in an arrest.
The other two… well, sadly the police have to just be lucky enough to stumble upon those.
I’ve had several calls from police asking for follow ups with my stories, but honestly there’s nothing more to add to help them.
I hate that it was me that had guns stolen, it’s because of me that someone might get hurt. I want to be mad at the thieves, but in the end, I got myself to blame for this.
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2021.10.17 01:50 rebelz_nft 10,000 unique #Rebelz, each more rebellious than the other.

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2021.10.17 01:50 jawsNC WTT 181 ED HoZ for a sorc torch

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2021.10.17 01:50 DimBulb567 Cool run remix that I made

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2021.10.17 01:50 Master-External-124 Rhythm pax full spectrum

Are the rhythm full spectrum pax pods any good?
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2021.10.17 01:50 Arghmybrain Beyond metamask, are there other wallets that allow you to add custom harmony tokens?

Checking to see which options are all available.
So far I've only found Metamask to allow this, so figured I'd ask the harmony fans here if they know of any others.
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2021.10.17 01:50 Yaoi_MakesMe_Cum english speakers of reddit, ñ? why?

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2021.10.17 01:50 LilBalls_YT I don’t know how this happened How do I take care of her?

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2021.10.17 01:50 Big_Z_43 Marziaaaa! Check Whatsaaaaap!

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2021.10.17 01:50 walrussmuglr Servers down for Xbox? The hell is going on with this game?

Played a little early this week, beat Baal, and logged off for the night.
Tried to get on Wednesday morning, after 5 attempts to connect to the server, restart the game, restart Xbox, gave up.
Tried to play Friday morning, same thing. Gave it a go last night, game worked for like 20 minutes, was hella laggy, then logged me out and couldn’t log back in. Tried to play this morning(Saturday), same thing.
When I logged in last night, it had back tracked me to before beating Baal, but took my herodric staff away, and the locations to drop the staff weren’t dropping the pieces of the staff so uh…I guess I’ll have to wait for the 1 in 1,000,000 chance that it connected me to a multiplayer game instead of creating a new one to play solo.
What the hell is this garbage. I’ve never had this much trouble with a game. I feel completely duped buying this, just to be handed a gewy turd.
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2021.10.17 01:50 cigarandcreamsoda What is a small superstition that you hold?

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2021.10.17 01:50 fuggzz T-5 and a pumpkin

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2021.10.17 01:50 iRazor8 Who started the backhand smack in coin tosses?

It's kind of an unspoken tradition to smack the coin on to the back of your hand as an extra measure before revealing the face. But I wonder who did it first.
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2021.10.17 01:50 soul4511 dm me if anyone wanna have some bisexual fun on video call

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2021.10.17 01:50 k1ttycow picked this up at walmart today, any ideas what kind? it didnt have a type listed :(

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2021.10.17 01:50 SilverLantern2814 Sweet Home Meme-abama

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2021.10.17 01:50 LoveYou2Much If you get deactivated from Uber Eats can you still do Uber drive (passengers)? They are mutually exclusive?

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2021.10.17 01:50 AsianFlake Discussion on Episode; Saturday, 16/10/2021

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2021.10.17 01:50 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist IR15S / CHARLESTON BLVD; SBSO 10/16/2021 04:44:43 PM
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2021.10.17 01:50 SabadoSabadoSabado [System] [H] MyItemsForTrade [W] OffersIWant

All for 2,800 credits:

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2021.10.17 01:50 ADarkenedHeart Women convicted of First degree manslaughter for having a miscarriage 20 weeks into her pregnancy

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2021.10.17 01:50 -Radical-Centrist- Holy Fuck, you Morons are proud to post in the DT?

This is the most moronic shit I've ever seen.
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2021.10.17 01:50 BreWithTheDegree Poshmark Referral Code - Sign up for POSHMARK, my fav site to BUY & SELL fashion. Use referral code: CANADABRE and receive $10 USD or $15 CAD

Poshmark is the #1 place to buy and sell fashion. Shop millions of closets - and sell yours too! Get a nice $10 USD or $15 CAD sign up bonus
Use signup code: CANADABRE
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