Playing football can lead to serious injury, but playing this kind of football will be a disaster

2021.10.17 01:44 vietlinh12hoa Playing football can lead to serious injury, but playing this kind of football will be a disaster

Nuclear Football
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2021.10.17 01:44 RudoWakening Appreciation post for my best friend LooLoo

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2021.10.17 01:44 reddit_feed_bot Breitbart: Marlow: 'A Semi-Responsible Media' Would Constantly Press Buttigieg for any 'Reasonable Explanation' for Economic Problems

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2021.10.17 01:44 POG____1 XD

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2021.10.17 01:44 javi711 Vidacann Sale plus New Hours

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2021.10.17 01:44 Final-Preparation-41 The career I am passionate about is not well paying and I don't know if I should change ?

I am extremely passionate about working with preschool children. I want to become an early childhood educator. and I know that in the future I know that I want to open my own home daycare Centre.
but its terrible pay and the job doesn't have much benefits. There's little space for career advancement so I'll always just be paid the same thing.
I feel like a failure for choosing a career that will always keep me on the lower middleclass/ barely paying my bills level.
Should I get a degree in something else? maybe business management?
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2021.10.17 01:44 venice_witch My first ever tattoo by @joshy_tattoo on insta beyond happy with it :)

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2021.10.17 01:44 Joshstradaymus One thing that’s not being really looked into enough

Roy Kent’s got some real demons he didn’t know he’s ever had I think as it pertains to his insecurities and inadequacy complex. They started in Season 1 as he was getting benched. They continued into season 2 with his attachment to Keeley, Jamie’s confession, Keeley’s photo shoot and his omitting from the magazine spread, and then the talk where he’s going to go on vacation.
Roy’s going through it, and I think Dr. Sharon could be a remedy.
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2021.10.17 01:44 ckorhonen I love them!

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2021.10.17 01:44 Metabuser M4F 30y/o decent clean only here for a couple weeks

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2021.10.17 01:44 Department-Curious Are people cheating or something?

If I expose half a pixel I am instantly lazered.
How do these people shoot full auto like this?
I stack full recoil control and if i shoot 2 bullets in full auto I’m looking at the sky.
I feel like the cracks in the game are showing as the sweats now have spawns memorized and camp the shot out of them.
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2021.10.17 01:44 kaasmi Goofed Bigly.

Anybody know the size of the little bleeder screw on the clutch master cylinder and where to quickly get a replacement? I kind of sheared the top off of mine a few minutes ago. 17 1290 r.
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2021.10.17 01:44 ScissorLizardFish "Fuck"

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2021.10.17 01:44 throw_temp_qsky Manager pushing to the level im not able deliver and doesn’t hear no

TL;DR I offered to my manager to do certain task in more automated way. Now she is asking to make it work in the future except i dont have knowledge /experience to do it but she doesn’t believe and disregard my words.
My question is more on how to handle situation with manager. Even though i go a little deep in explanation of project im not looking much for advice on the actual project.
Hi maybe you could help me how to explain to a manager what she is asking not realistic. I have a master degree in econ and im interning at the company. I positioned myself as data analyst and had a project to collect data, process it and analyze it. The data comes from downloadable reports and its very unformatted and pretty random. I suggested to collect data in cvs and for me to write the program in vba that would open each file and pull necessary data points from already existing file into master file. i know its pretty tough task given amount of files, how unformatted they come up and that i only limited to use software company has license for. but i have some knowledge in programming and i can do it. I only write the program for the actual data file. Through out the time periods , the format of files change and i change the program.
The manager asked to write the program that will work in the future as well after i gone and i said that its impossible. Especially since it means writing for a regular user. I dont have enough experience to write program on vba like that, i doubt that vba would handle that and they need to invest in better program and it is a totally different work. I will need months writing to ensure that program finds correct data points in unformated data files that keep changing formats based on the dates and based on how the data was reported (other words really random). His major is not related to data or econ so basic no, or i cant do it - wasnt enough. And only answer i got was “well you might figured out later”. Yet i know what needs for program like that to be written and what needs for it to work with catching mistakes and picking correct data. I am pretty certain that 1) i cannot do it 2) i dont have enough time to write this program 3) it need better software 4) i need more knowledge /experience to be able to do it. I like to be clear with manager bc clearly he is expecting. And im super pissed now tbh that i already doing so much and im being pushed more. I asked my mentor for advice but he was just saying that i should enjoy my internship and do what i can. But it clear that manager doesn’t hear and expects me to deliver. I suspect she thinks its just a little work. I dont want to invest my time to hard work just to be told that i didn’t deliver enough and not be appreciated.
What do i do? How do i explain?
Edit. Actually i want to revise my question. I think there is an understanding of process of processing data that i am not familiar with that makes it hard for me to understand why the regular program can be done for the future. What is it that i don’t understand/dont know about data analysis and data collection?
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2021.10.17 01:44 reddit_feed_bot Breitbart: California High School Teaches Truck Driving to Students amid Trucker Shortage

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2021.10.17 01:44 yungnoodlee Feel free to screenshot

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2021.10.17 01:44 BlakeGriffinCC Where are you finding the most meaning in life?

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2021.10.17 01:44 celerysoup39 Does this count as a cocktail? Almond milk with a generous splash of fireball whiskey and some cinnamon, it’s delicious!

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2021.10.17 01:44 Queasy-Share783 In one scene from the webcomic, England asked America for a 'rubber', but America gave him a (implied) used condom instead. Judging from that scene, do you think it is implied that America have experienced having some 'flings' with other nations or people?

View Poll
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2021.10.17 01:44 New-Pause3855 My elbow is loose

About 2 years ago I broke my elbow and ever since my elbow has been wobbly; It wobbles side to side and feels weak. I recently hurt my elbow again a few weeks ago and now when I fully extend my elbow it hurts. If anyone is willing to help and needs additional information I can provide it. <-- Picture of the break here
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2021.10.17 01:44 crowscreech Common surnames that go with Zach

Hi guys, I’m planning on changing my surname partly because of family reasons as well as generally hating the name. I’m from the UK so any ideas for a British surname that’s pretty common and flows well with the name Zach would be great!
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2021.10.17 01:44 superstitchion How do you pronounce oregano?

An American tried to tell me that oregano is pronounced ‘oh-ray-gah-no’ in the U.K., but I’ve literally never heard it said like that. So, fellow U.K. redditors, how do you pronounce this herb essential for pasta and pizza sauces?
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2021.10.17 01:44 Youwilllovemypost 如何利用色彩产生改变卧室的大小的效果? - 探讨狮城生活 - 新加坡论坛

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2021.10.17 01:44 PM_ME_COOL_POTATOES 22 [M4F] Upper Michigan - Looking for a cuddle buddy

22[M4F] Upper Michigan - Looking for a cuddle buddy
Heya! Im Brian, a guy going to college in Upper Michigan. I am double majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Im average build, white, 5’11.5”. Some of my hobbies include video games, board games, anime, and cooking. Im a huge board games fan so if you wanna ever play a board game with me I would be totally down. Im a fan of a wide variety of video games but Im huge fans of either games with good stories or strategy games. Kinda new to cooking, but Im learning and I will cook for you.
Right now Im looking for someone to talk to and/or cuddle with. I got stuffed animals that I love to hug but honestly, they just aren’t doing it for me anymore. I want someone who will cuddle me back. If you’re in a similar boat as me I challenge you to a cuddle duel. Winner gets to cuddle the other.
Here’s me:
If any of this interested you send me a message!
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2021.10.17 01:44 ExponentOrca305 [Xbox] [H] Octane zsr [w] offers

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