I’m just too awkward.

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2021.10.17 01:18 Socialtrainwreck2000 I’m just too awkward.

How can I naturally start a conversation? I feel like I’m either too shy or I’m just plain rambling. My friends know about my crush and apparently he waved at me and I missed it so I didn’t wave back! Neither of us are too social so now I’m beating myself up about this in fear I scared him off. I want to let him know I care about him… how can I keep it going? Alright but like “what are your hopes and dreams” questions seem too scary like what if he doesn’t want to talk about himself? What if he does? I don’t want to mess up and bother him and I definitely don’t want to give off the wrong impression!
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2021.10.17 01:18 snkde ESR AirPods Pro Protective Hybrid Carrying Case Cover with Keychain, [Won't Affect Wireless Charging] [Visible Front LED] $5.49

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2021.10.17 01:18 Able-Negotiation7968 Naifer Mc - Dia Triste

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2021.10.17 01:18 red_fox23 Celebration Sticks! Purdue upsets Iowa!

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2021.10.17 01:18 xElbyy RUST FOR DUMMYS

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2021.10.17 01:18 gecon [WTS] Price Drop - Used CMMG/PSA 8.5" 22LR AR-15 Barrel - $149 Shipped (TX)

Used with 1k rounds fired. It is compatible with AR-15 uppers and CMMG dedicated 22lr bolt carrier groups. It's threaded 1/2"x28 and has a twist rate of 1:16.
I accept Paypal (G&S). Advertised price ($149) includes shipping and paypal G&S fees.
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2021.10.17 01:18 Freshaaa [Identification] What watch is this?

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2021.10.17 01:18 Skipped01 Best specs for modding games?

I want to get a more powerful PC because currently im using a laptop with Intel hd graphics which obviously won't get me very far modding wise and I was wondering, what components should I buy to support heavily modding games like Skyrim? I would go all in with the graphical mods btw.
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2021.10.17 01:18 savegeAFcombacks Do you guys think that the niqab should be illegal throughout the world? why and why not?

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2021.10.17 01:18 lordlucifir Feedback/Suggestion for Devs

I started playing Dauntless 5 days ago on the switch and here are some of my thoughts as someone who's into mmorpg, played monster hunter and have experienced a good amount of the game.

  1. Love the skins, a bit expensive, but a lot of them are really cool. One suggestion: raise male character head up so he has a neck; male character doesn't have a neck. They do but comparing to female char they seem to be shrugging. Even if they have big lats the head should still be above shoulder line. Also wish some weapon skins come with special effects even if it's just smoke or trail of light when weapons are in motion or some particle effects that's specific to the weapon like little stars come out for the star striker. Would be nice to have a preview for these too.
  2. Attack Cancelling should be implemented. Some say it is intentional there isn't attack cancelling but the unnatural way of the battle system is honestly pushing away players. The best way to improve it is that as long as before damage ticks, players can always cancel out an attack. If an attack hits then it should be committed but if it didn't hit, and players spot an attack animation then they still have time to react. To expand on it:
    1. attack animation is different for each weapon, some are glitchy, some have extra still frame before and after the attack. example: striker is fast so you can dash out a lot of damage quickly and if you arent clicking too fast and continues to attack due to lag, you can usually dodge out of things. Same with Repeaters. Mean while, axe and hammer are super slow in terms of moving, especially when sometimes it glitches, making R3 doesn't allow character to sprint because they are out of stamina even when weapon is put away. Making it almost impossible to get a combo in which defeats the entire purpose of having any combo at all. Especially when you run to the monster after it runs across the map, by the time you get there the monster runs away again. If you by chance gets to stagger it or boop it, it only stays down for such a short period of time only speed weapons can really do much. This is especially awful in challenges with 2 monsters running around.
    2. Monster attack animation is much faster than some of the weapons. Sometimes even before the monster starts attacking, players would queue an attack, but by the time the attack animation starts you'll see monsters starts to give signs but there no way to dodge. So those signs are completely pointless. Especially when sometimes they would even attack before the weapon hits.
    3. The lack of attack canceling pretty much nullifies fast reaction which is part of the fun in monster hunter games. You see the monster about to attack, you cancel your actions and dodge instead. But without it players basically just run around waiting. It drags the fight out unnecessarily long, and turns a skill based game into purely equipment based. You either stack your weapon to a million damages and finish the monster before any parts break or you just accept the fact you'll get hit abunch of times, and throw any reaction reflex out of the window.
    4. Players are being punished for dying, but no one really gets to that point when they have full inventory, and after the inventory depletes, the game just turns into res, and die, and res and die till the monster dies or flees. Again unless there's someone way above level on the map it usually just ends up being a huge waste of time since one can have all the skill and reflex in the world it just has absolutely no use in fight since reflex is thrown out of the window with the lack of attack cancelling.
    5. It's a great game, not sure if this is not implemented due to inability to code it or it's required so monster hunter doesn't sue dauntless lol
  3. Some monsters should get a redesign on the way they attack.
    1. The monsters are all designed as tho players fight them in 1v1 perfectly smooth condition. But that's not the case especially not for online multiplayer games. Since there no target locking, half of the time no one knows who the monster is attacking. Even if we do there is no viable way to communicate to the other person if they don't know how to counter so they just run around which ends up turning the fight around in favor for the monster.
    2. The amount of damage zone monsters drop on the floor is way too much. This might not be a big deal in 1 monster fights but when there are 2, since monsters attack frequency is fast, and they attack fast too, sometimes the whole map gets covered by toxic waste or lava and it just becomes instant dead for everyone the second they get up, especially since some of the effect area is much bigger than the effects appearing on screen. When that happens unless there's someone way above the level to be on the map in the fight, the fight pretty much just fails.
    3. Riftwalker spins. While players know how to counter it, but it's just not balanced right now for team fights. If you have 3-4 people running around you don't know who it's going to attack. While speed is it's strong suit the down time is so short, the monster basically chains 1 attack after another. And the truth is, not many people want to spend time to learn a game to such an intensive extent. Especially with so many other games out there. It should prioritize fun over challenge.
  4. Bounties, personally I feel bounties showing up should prioritize equipped weapon unless in town. But again the game has so many different weapons but they ultimately does the same thing, which is damage and kill the monster. Aside from player path, there the weapons aren't even unique in terms of abilities or element availability. so it's rather odd to have people who only want to play strikers get bounties that asks them to play axe.
  5. Weapons—the weapons are fun, and it's always being updated, but some of them are really unbalanced due to the current fighting system.
    1. Especially hammer, sometimes R2 doesn't sprint, so the movement speed is crazy slow. and the monsters jump around all over the place, it might be easier to aim with the hammer on pc but it's painful on the switch because firing is x but aiming is R3 which is right under X. And it's just not practical to change a button for all weapons just to play 1 weapon.
    2. Repeater is such a weird weapon to exist right now because they are supposed to be ranged but you have to fight in melee range to do damage and to effectively reload. With the lack of attack canceling and how far some of the monsters attack, and the way sometimes they can cover the whole field with floor debuffs, having a ranged attack should be implemented like a real ranged attack. Not saying snipers but medium range. having magic could be great, add a channeling time that reduces as you level up the weapon. Like it doesn't even have to be magic, it could be alchemy, and weapon could be a mechanical orb that floats and can shoot ice using the logic of breaking the water molecules in air and freezing it. or creates combustion using similar logic for light and strong attacks. For specials can be creating a gravitational pull that slows down large bosses but pulls in spawns. Or it could have a short range regular air ball sort of attack for light and heavy attack, but gains energy up to 7 bars, each additional bar could be a different skill. 1 bar is ice arrow, 5 bar is blizzard, etc. Lots of fun days to implement it. Could even include buffs like 4 bars boost teamates attack and 6 bars heal everyone by 50% of attack. This way they have to choose between attack or support based on the fight.
  6. Focus less on making a ton of rules on social media and focus more on improving user experience in game. I see the point for bug megathread, raises awareness of popular bugs for priority but question thread just becomes a pain for if I have a question, I need to dig it in this mega thread, in the title, to find it, maybe turn it into a live discussion thread, right now it's just ineffective. We play the game because we want to have some fun, and while it is fun, but there are some fundamental things making the game not fun. There comes to a point where one just have to admit a poor decision is a poor decision and improve on it—like attack canceling. While challenge is fun, but there also comes a time when being challenging for the sake of being challenging defeats the purpose of a game, which is ultimately for players to have fun and rewind.
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2021.10.17 01:18 snorri_sturlson Just 2 happy pugs

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2021.10.17 01:18 Rennoc1987 [XB1] W: AA25FFR15FR OR 90RW 50 Cal Machine Gun | H: List

Max level only, please.
Here’s what I have currently:
AA25FFR15FR Tesla Rifle
V25FFR90RW Railway Rifle
AA50CGHOST Railway Rifle
AA40FSS90RW Super Sledge
Let me know what you’re interested in. Thanks.
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2021.10.17 01:18 Gambino12345678910 Older redditors (35+), do you still find young people (18-22) sexually attractive, or do you grow out of it? I’m 31 and feel creepy for still finding some 18/19 year olds hot…

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2021.10.17 01:18 Upstart1312 Agnostic Front - Fascist Attitudes [1984]

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2021.10.17 01:18 Pixigon RPer got hostile over a misunderstanding on my end and implied that my character art was stolen

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2021.10.17 01:18 villinoid Pain

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2021.10.17 01:18 latman NYC Mayoral frontrunner Eric Adams "extremely optimistic" that Kyrie Irving will play for Nets soon

“I believe the NBA and Kyrie, they should work out how they are going to address that, and I think it’s going to be up to them … and the city to come down with a real agreement, and at this time I think the NBA and Kyrie would be able to come to an agreement,”
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2021.10.17 01:18 MapoTofuMan Beidou is amazing

After comfortably 36-starring Abyss since 1.5, today I couldn't 3-star 12-3 no matter what I tried. I just couldn't burst the second wave of those ruin shits in 12-3-1 down in the short time I could hold them together (my freeze team was in 12-3-2 and I don't have any viable freeze comp units aside from XQ or Zhongli).
At least 5 different comps later, as a last resort before ragequitting for the day, I tried slapping my best unused artifacts on my Beidou who I half-assedly built a few months ago and never really tried out in Abyss, and put her with Bennett, Xiangling and Fischl in the first half.
My 12-3-1 time went down from ~1:40 to ~1:10 in just one try and I finished the chamber with 8 seconds remaining even after failing to properly group 12-3-2. She was even better than XQ as the fourth member. I was completely retarded for benching her for like half a year.
TL;DR Beidou is a queen for helping me wreck the abyss ruin fuckers, I'm off to dance on their graves screw them
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2021.10.17 01:18 copperowl Genesis - Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea

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2021.10.17 01:18 Ancient_Shoulder6204 What makes UoFM's Research Program Shine?

Hello! I'm a prospective student. Using a throwaway account, for the sake of privacy. I'd love to understand what makes UofM what it is - especially what differentiates the research program from those at other colleges.
Also, I'm not trying to be funny (this is a genuine question) but do I really have to write out the phrase "University of Michigan" over and over on my writing supplementals? What abbreviation would you guys recommend I type out instead? I've seen quite a few on this subreddit.
I'm also curious, is there anything about the UofM curriculum that makes you think, "this either a) sounds impressive b) is impressive or c) definitely something i would never ever mention to a person going to my college"?
I want to know about the parts of UofM's curriculum that are important to getting a genuine understanding of it, even if they're... perhaps less favored (honestly idek if that's a good euphemism lmao) by the people there.
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2021.10.17 01:18 Trevolta I like serving the Starbucks Holiday blend at my son’s November birthday to kickstart the holiday season

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2021.10.17 01:18 owcjthrowawayOR69 The game should be fun for the DM as well.

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2021.10.17 01:18 Femaletrumpet02 Get ghe verification message today (take a photo of driver’s license-front and back-and a selfie) for the first time in about a month. Anyone else deal with this on occasion?

Get ghe verification message today (take a photo of driver’s license-front and back-and a selfie) for the first time in about a month. Anyone else deal with this on occasion? submitted by Femaletrumpet02 to lyftdrivers [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 01:18 hanne44 Does anybody else’s perception of concepts and objects connect to feelings, moods or atmospheres?

Sometimes I’ll feel like some colored shape will appear and I can feel that it’s in my vicinity and sometimes it overlaps with my body or has specific movements. It’s difficult to describe but it can connect to words, actions, concepts, memories and each one is very specific.
Does it have a name and does anybody else experience this? Is it a type of synesthesia?
(Also I know I have at least had synesthesia when I was a child. I connected colors to letters, numbers, months and weekdays etc. but I don’t do that much anymore. Only if I actively think about it)
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2021.10.17 01:18 Ceph1234 Is there any plan in the future to make ALL VeVe NFTs animated/operatable and turned into a video game(s)?

This is a thought I've had in my mind for awhile now. And who knows? It might be long term but if that was the case, imagine if this becomes the new norm and everyone who has the OG characters which have been sold out for years is OP or has great value in games or any kind of social setting.
Has this ever been mentioned in the white paper, an AMA, or anything? Is it realistic?
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