It took like 1 and a half hour but I did it. Worth every second.

2021.10.17 01:50 kiut_88 It took like 1 and a half hour but I did it. Worth every second.

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2021.10.17 01:50 Uchfbfjdhdbf my halloween mask came today in the mail!

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2021.10.17 01:50 Redpander24 Giratina raid on me adding 10 people. 2815 3467 6342

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2021.10.17 01:50 Jec1027 Sounds about right

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2021.10.17 01:50 saucekiing i miss it so much

i miss weed so much. waking up and smoking, going for walks and smoking. idk how much longer i can keep going
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2021.10.17 01:50 MeanGrass5163 ERDRICK - sketch attempt... will try to finish it later

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2021.10.17 01:50 SolariDoma GP72-7RDX-Leopard Can I remove HDD and use only SSD ?

My HDD is high likely damaged, can I just remove it and install+use SSD only instead ?
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2021.10.17 01:50 Carbohydrated1942 Different levels of wholesome

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2021.10.17 01:50 poke64moon My pokemon brilliant diamond team

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2021.10.17 01:50 Independent_Time_550 Risks of WFH abroad on H1B

Hello there! I recently transitioned to the H1B from F1 and am planning a 2 month trip home for the holidays. My team doesn't mind me working from an international location. I have secured an H1B stamping appointment at my home location during the trip. Happy to continue paying US taxes and all of that.
Are there any other risks in terms of working remotely from abroad?

Would love to hear from people who have/are planning to do the same. Thank you, and have a great weekend!
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2021.10.17 01:50 lil333pluto my boyfriend and i have been dating online for 6 months and it’s pretty serious, he talks to my mom and i talk to his etc but most of the time we have off days because his ego is toooooo high and i don’t know how to deal with a person with a high ego because i’m extremely sensitive.

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2021.10.17 01:50 Azrural Using a wide tooth comb vs brush?

I have brown Italian wavy hair and gets knotted very badly. I would always brush it out before showering and after. Recently, a girlfriend told me I'm doing it all wrong and suggested using a wide tooth comb and detaingling spray instead of a brush. And combing it with conditioner after the shower. Said my hair should never see a brush nor combed dry. What are others suggestions?
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2021.10.17 01:50 Jared_329 The best of anime OST 🔥

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2021.10.17 01:50 raedmen recent pokes on my friends/myself

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2021.10.17 01:50 Sigma-O5 The stars are so fucking beautiful out here, man.

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2021.10.17 01:50 Trickshroom IsItBullshit: Simple puzzle games like Sudoku help old people to improve their brain.

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2021.10.17 01:50 IcyBlueWolf_888 Meet Ash the Allay

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2021.10.17 01:50 Skills69-420 why isn't he texting me backkkk T-T

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2021.10.17 01:50 coolasc I want to start playing, what should I get?

I'd like to probably be a player but idk if I can find a community so may have to be a storyteller.
I'm doubtful between 5e (and getting the books), Revised (got the pdfs from a 2016 humble bundle), v20 (and getting the books), any advantages or disadvantages (I know all will be to taste, but if there's any that eases the jump from dnd would be nice). If getting what books should I purchase/print?
Also are there any useful tools like there is dnd beyond for dnd?
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2021.10.17 01:50 340595 22 male texan latino

Looking for long term friend with benefits. I wanna be able to chat and also have fun. Im 6ft 300 pound guy that's nice and needs friends
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2021.10.17 01:50 MemeReserveBot Video games in real life (by Pazluz October 16, 2021 at 02:41PM)

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2021.10.17 01:50 mullikine LSP server for Codex. Just run Pen.el and EFM langserver
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2021.10.17 01:50 Ultra_Sanic Guess who I just got 3 times in a row

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2021.10.17 01:50 LightBlueSky55 Do you agree that infantilisation seems to be a thing between Willow & Tara and some lesbian couples in general?

I follow this lesbian couple on tiktok and some of their videos are just a little strange- the dynamic is almost mothechild in some places e.g. one of them did a prank where they fall off the bed to get their partner's reaction and she picked her girlfriend up and said in a tone that a mother would use for her child "oh, did you hurt your knee? let me kiss it better. Is that all good now?"
I remember there are quite a few scenes of Willow and Tara talking in 'baby voice' to each other and there's one scene in particular of them in bed and Tara is telling a story to Willow and it does really sound like dialogue a mother would give to her child.

What are your thoughts on it, is it a thing and if so why?
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2021.10.17 01:50 Fireheart42069 Whats your sexuality?

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