I’ve kinda got a double whammy

2021.10.17 02:54 KateandJack I’ve kinda got a double whammy

So I live with my sisters family. We have 2 dogs and one died last night. This was a mother /daughter pair of doggies they got from a shelter about a year and half ago. They were 12 and 14 when we got them so obviously we knew these were old dogs we wouldn’t get to be with for long but they seemed in great health.
Well Minnie, the younger of the 2 died last night. She had been extremely sick all week with diarrhea , vomiting , not eating. She was to go to the vet today but obviously didn’t make it that long .
Her death last night was horrifying and traumatizing. She stood up, made a horrible sound I can’t even describe and then fell on her side. I wish she would have passed quickly but she didn’t. For 2 hours me and my niece sat with her and comforted her as she got weaker and weaker. As soon as my sister got home Minnie passed within minutes . My sister is who she was closest too and I truly believe she was waiting on her. Watching her take her last breaths is a experience I never want to relive. It might sound really dumb but it all brought back painful memories of my parents deaths which I didn’t expect to happen.
Me and my sister and niece buried her then after that was finally over we were exhausted. Today the other dog Misty has been looking around for Minnie and she seems so confused. That is breaking my heart. Our little family has a hole in it now.
The other part of this shit show is about the guy I’m dating . It has been three years on and off. Things will be ok then he will break it off then will want me back a week or so later. That’s exhausting enough but when Minnie started getting sick at the start of the week he began to pull away from me again. He knows what those dogs mean to me and he knows how sensitive I am. When Minnie died last night I texted him to tell him and he said “that sucks”. Then he proceeded to tell me he was tired and wouldn’t be up very late to talk to me . Mind you it was 5:45 in the afternoon when I messaged him. Then he just quit replying to me. I honestly felt like my breath was taken away by how cold he was. He did message me twice today to ask how I was but was very aloof about it. No “I love yous” no offering to see me. No comforting words.
So to finally wrap this up I’m dealing with the death of the dog I loved and all the sadness going on at my house while also being hit over the head with how I cannot count on this guy I love with all my heart and the knowledge that I really, really need to leave him. I can honor Minnie by at least having her death be the catalyst for me to leave a toxic relationship .I’ve stayed with him so long because I knew how sad I’d be without him but I’m broken over the death of Minnie so might as well get all this pain over with at once.
If anyone made it this far can you please please offer some insight. I’m so sad right now that my chest hurts.
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2021.10.17 02:54 RelationHot-69 KIM JONG MOON ::: Ask us Anything Sunday, October 17th at 3pm UTC The Core Team will be live on KimJongMoon Youtube channel to talk about the V2 features & launch ! Send every question you want us to answer to @Alexchiwolrd Be ready to moon !

KIM JONG MOON ::: Ask us Anything Sunday, October 17th at 3pm UTC The Core Team will be live on KimJongMoon Youtube channel to talk about the V2 features & launch ! Send every question you want us to answer to @Alexchiwolrd Be ready to moon ! submitted by RelationHot-69 to CryptoMars [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 02:54 Loftytoast Speared, Me, Digital, 2021

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2021.10.17 02:54 deeminator FT: Picture LF: Shiny offers

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2021.10.17 02:54 Queasy-peanut Confused

Hi. First time posting! I have a personal (private) and business acc. Neither are linked to my FB. I got a notification that my Facebook business acc has been disabled for failing to follow advertising policies. Then another saying it’s restricted from advertising because my promotions didn’t comply with Facebooks advertising policies.
I am so confused. My Facebook account isn’t linked to either, I didn’t try to promote anything. I clicked the “boost button” and then canceled it as it didn’t load. Had no idea what that even was.
Can someone tell me what this means and what I should do? I didn’t receive an email about anything. Anytime I try to submit a review it says I can’t and my account is enabled..
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2021.10.17 02:54 livewithshame Vrouwen Eredivisie (Dutch League) Round 17 this Sunday.

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2021.10.17 02:54 Minipadley hopefully just the start of Aria and Hyoon

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2021.10.17 02:54 MusicisLife01a Red October‼️‼️

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2021.10.17 02:54 hoohoosier Recruiting for Fundraising/Development Roles

Hi all, wondering where folks have found the most success in recruiting for fundraising/development roles? Thus far, have posted on major job boards and reached out to my personal network, and would appreciate insight on any other worthy approaches. Thank you!
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2021.10.17 02:54 DLBork Might have gotten a bit lucky on the Inquisitor Staff grind.. Just above 44m xp lol

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2021.10.17 02:54 TN_Egyptologist Queen Nefertiti, in a relief fragment, making a floral offering to the Sun God, Aten. Dated to 1353 - 1336 BC, Ancient Egypt. [960 x 605]

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2021.10.17 02:54 python111 Will we ever get an APP Locker from Samsung?

Some companies have them built in, I have also seen reports of users from India having original Samsung app locker built into the Settings app. So why if its possible for some, it's not possible for others. It is a geniune question, is it a restriction of some sorts that other countries prevent Samsung from installing an app locker in their devices? Also, I am asking this because no app locker from the playstore works for me, they are easily dismissed when you use task manager. Here's hoping they add it to Oneui 4.
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2021.10.17 02:54 FoxyTraker Alright so I just wanna rant

Im working a 17-01:00 today right, and My parents can’t lift me, normally the shift manager is supposed to lift me but he says he won’t because he’s already lifting his girlfriend, like what, that’s your job to lift me after the shift but ok whatever, then worst case scenario they gotta pay for the taxi, but they said the new manager stopped the taxi policy, so here I am, no lift, having to use 1 hour of my 8 hour shift to pay for my fucking cab because they stopped the mother fucking policy which was here 3 months ago??? Bitch WHAT?????
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2021.10.17 02:54 youdidit30 People that use the word “retarded” still online in 2021 should be banned from commenting for life

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2021.10.17 02:54 CosmiChosen Glorious

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2021.10.17 02:54 hketterle U6-LR causing wireless AND wired devices intermittent connection

Hi all,
I recently installed a UDM Pro, USW-24-PoE, and U6-LR at my house. Setup was running fine for about a month, then I powered down the network to improve some cable routing. Now anytime I have my U6-LR plugged in (or U6-Lite too, used for testing), it causes intermittent network connection issues both for devices connecting wireless through the U6-LR, as well as devices plugged in to the USW-24-PoE.
It's new to me that an AP can cause issues upstream and upset devices on the hardwired network...
I updated the firmware of the U6-LR to this afternoon, but am still getting packet loss. ISP is Comcast, 1Gb plan. Modem is Surfboard SB 8200. All devices have been factory reset and set back up again, to no avail. I've swapped in several different cables to the AP, at first suspecting a bad cable causing PoE issues.
Any suggestions for what to troubleshoot next? Any help appreciated!
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2021.10.17 02:54 abstractadvocat My best showcase as of now

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2021.10.17 02:54 Nearby_Actuator_8029 🍜MEALS TOKEN - Crypto trading with a purpose on the BSC Network!

Meals Token is finally doing a relaunch!! Last project went to 1M Marketcap. Dev Doxxed | Early Opportunity!!
Please come join the Telegram channel for any questions!
A deflationary charity-driven rewards token on Binance Smart Chain. Make an impact, make a trade!
Meals Token is a true honest charity token! Every transaction taxes a donation fee on your behalf. We thought this was a pretty good idea to help the less fortunate while most people are just gambling anyways! Our new Meals Token relaunch contract donates 4.5% from every buy & 9% of sells to NoKidHungry® *Proof Provided :)
Our mission since day one has been to help those in need with Meals & NoKidHungry® is the most reputable place for us to do so. When the project first started back in April, a proven total of $5650 was donated. Unfortunately after those amazing contributions, Pancakeswap migrated to a version 2 and all of the Meals Token liquidity was stuck locked for an entire year. We faced difficulties migrating the locked liquidity to v2 & the project was put on the back-burner until now.
Meals Token has huge potential!!! With the previous project hitting over 1500 holders, I believe this new better Meals Token will outperform the last run. The current goal for relaunch is rebuilding an organic community and staying committed to the constant growth with marketing and improvements to the message we deliver. Please check out the Telegram channel to learn more about the project, ask your question and don't skip the relaunch! Upcoming YouTube star will be following the project and is making the first donation live in the video! This could get huge! NFA/DYOR
8% Buy Tax (2.5% Auto LP, 1% BUSD Reflections, 4.5% Charity/Marketing)
8% Sell Tax (5% Auto LP, 2% BUSD Reflections, 9% Charity/Marketing)
Wallet to wallet transfers are tax-free!
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x4715ccf07e08df0062bdc09b3c15269f3c26ff0f
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4715ccf07e08df0062bdc09b3c15269f3c26ff0f
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4715ccf07e08df0062bdc09b3c15269f3c26ff0f#readContract
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2021.10.17 02:54 Mycheeksarecool This is literally why 10% of this sub exists

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2021.10.17 02:54 GlitteringGirl7309 Busty Onlyfans Bikini and Lingerie Model Handbra

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2021.10.17 02:54 rousieboy An ex-dividend date that helps you DRIp.

Forgive me if this idea has been posted here I just haven't seen it in my recent readings. Wouldn't it make sense for a company to time their ex-dividend date for the following quarter to be delivered when they give the previous quarter dividend??
Example: a quarterly payer drops a dividend on Oct 18th. If this in some way coincided with their next quarter's ex-dividend date and the money was taken out of the shareholding to cover the winter quarter dividend later then the share price would dip. At the same time, everyone is receiving their fall quarter dividend payment. Those who were doing reinvesting would be able to buy on a discount automatically.
In addition the company gets to see who True Believers are and set the date way ahead of time. For those of you who say that the company would not benefit from this, then it doesn't really matter when the ex-date is and the companies should encourage reinvestment by giving re- investors a built-in discount.
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2021.10.17 02:54 anonymouzdude mega poll

How much did i profit?
I just traded all my legendaries for a nfr giraffe right now and i think it was a win and im really happy since its my first neon high tier! Im not sure how much though so would anyone know?
53 ocean eggs
11 fossil eggs
12 mythic eggs
1 trex
Aussie egg
2 dodos (1 r 1 no por)
3 dragons
No pot evil uni
4 nfr furies
2 furies (1 fr 1 no pot)
Golden egg
R kitsune
Metal ox
No pot owl
R parrot
Fr queen bee
Nf snow owl
Neon snow owl
Nr trex
3 turtles (1 fr 2 no por)
fr evil unicorn
all i hope is it isnt duped altho it is fg
View Poll
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2021.10.17 02:54 iAskann Casada yabadabaduuuuu

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2021.10.17 02:54 erik1220 Beach day was a success thanks to the new Trooper🌴

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2021.10.17 02:54 throwawaay_accountt [16M] - Let's be Online Friends :)

Hey everyone,
I'm from Canada (yes, we do drink maple syrup everyday 😂😂😂) and I'd like to make a friend or two here online. I play volleyball and I love reading! If you're into any of the two, feel free to send me a message :). Even if you aren't a big fan of one of the two, shoot me a message anyways! I usually use discord, so if you ever want to talk there, feel free to ask me for my tag! We can voice chat as well if that's what makes you comfortable.
Looking forward to meeting you all :)
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